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what are some non tech companies with strong tech departments 💬 321

what's your unknown sideboard tech 💬 242

what old tech is better than new tech 💬 200

30k tech vs 40k tech what are some major differences 💬 149

how much tech is too much tech 💬 138

why hasn't georgia tech or vatech ever played texas tech or louisiana tech 💬 119

how much div could a div tech tech if a div tech could tech div 💬 118

got a tech question or want to discuss tech 💬 101

are you lab tech med tech or medical laboratory scientist 💬 98

to many tech characters so little tech mats 💬 68

high tech or falling behind 💬 63

no one talking cloud tech 💬 60

what are your tech mottos every tech should know 💬 59

do you actually learn anything useful when attending tech meetups or tech talks 💬 58

anyone got secret omnath tech 💬 56

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