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is this the solution to fighting big pharma and ending the epidemic 💬 167

the don is threatening the pharma cartel guess who funds most of mainstream media 💬 104

tetra bio pharma what do you think 💬 79

rant anybody else notice jazz pharma are a bunch of crooks 💬 69

best pharma stocks for 2019 💬 68

but why the hell do americans not try to stop big pharma 💬 60

is it possible big pharma is behind getting kratom banned 💬 48

what biotech pharma stocks should i yolo on 💬 47

what the fuck is happening to titan pharma 💬 45

what are the absolute best non pharma pharma treatments for major depression 💬 44

okay conspiracy pharma folks what's some good reads proof that anti depressants are bad 💬 38

why do we dislike pharma sales reps 💬 37

are you sure you want to blame big pharma 💬 37

how much money are pharma companies losing to kratom 💬 36

anyone been able to d c any of their pharma meds 💬 36

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