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what are the chances particle physics are wrong 💬 38

why does particle physics use so much data 💬 31

according to particle physics, matter and anti-matter should have disappeared completely from the universe, leaving only photons behind them. but, there is a large amount of matter and a shortage of anti-matter. why 💬 26

is it reasonable to bring particle physics into the world of dnd 💬 22

do computer simulations involving physics have to account for wave particle duality 💬 19

is it useful to take a string theory course without taking particle physics 💬 18

make particle system only be affected by certain categories of physics fields in scenekit 💬 18

standard model of particle physics for mathematicians 💬 17

why naturalness is an issue in particle physics it is not in fluid dynamics 💬 17

what is the meaning of the word particle in particle physics 💬 16

do we care about cfts in particle physics 💬 16

could we feasibly build a particle accelerator to probe physics at the gut scale 💬 15

particle physics and representations of groups 💬 14

when particle number can change in quantum physics 💬 14

when talking about quarks and particle physics what is strangeness and what does it do 💬 14

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