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what is the most comfortable car you have ever driven 💬 195

what's the oldest car you would be comfortable daily driving 💬 172

what's the most comfortable car that you've driven lately 💬 157

what is the most comfortable performance car 💬 134

what is the most comfortable and uncomfortable car you've ever driven 💬 114

how much would you need to earn to feel comfortable purchasing a 35 000 car 💬 114

are car seats getting less comfortable 💬 94

what's the most exotic car you'd feel comfortable maintaining yourself 💬 72

what makes a car comfortable to drive 💬 65

when would you be comfortable to buy a 50k car 💬 58

most comfortable car you drove 💬 57

most comfortable car under 45k for a crappy commute 💬 42

what vehicle did you feel comfortable buying for your kids first car 💬 37

aita for not feeling comfortable to let my roommates use my car 💬 35

what squad car that you ve ridden in or driven had the most comfortable seats 💬 34

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