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what was your job before nursing 💬 102

what are the best perks you have received from a nursing job 💬 78

is nursing your dream job 💬 73

how much did your first nursing job pay 💬 55

full time job during nursing school 💬 45

what's a good part time job while in nursing school 💬 44

does anyone work another job while going to nursing school 💬 39

what s the most chill nursing job 💬 34

how long did it take to get your first nursing job 💬 33

is ty still nursing his ribs or has aaron jones taken his job 💬 32

what was your first nursing job 💬 30

first nursing job in an or 💬 30

does a 9 5 m f no holidays weekends nursing job exist 💬 30

how long did you stay at your first nursing job 💬 27

starting my first nursing job monday what are essential supplies 💬 26

how far is too far to commute to a nursing job 💬 25

what was your highest paid nursing job and what specialty was it 💬 25

first nursing job relocating remote area dog 💬 24

in your opinion is nursing a working class job or a middle class job 💬 24

nurses of reddit outside of your job has nursing made significant changes in your life 💬 23

anyone else work as a nurse and have a non nursing job on the side 💬 22

nursing job in marijuana industry possible 💬 21

what was your first nursing job after graduating 💬 21

what helped you the most when you started your nursing job 💬 21

how to quit current job before starting nursing school in may 💬 21

nursing students of california what were your job prospects like after graduation 💬 21

a job that pays well but isn't bedside nursing 💬 20

would this hurt my chances of landing a nursing job 💬 20

what type of health related part time job can i get as a nursing student 💬 20

good healthcare job to have through nursing school 💬 19

is nursing a good job for someone like me 💬 19

what made you quit a nursing job 💬 18

what job did you have while doing prereq nursing school 💬 18

do you consider nursing an active slightly active or sedentary job 💬 18

nursing home job began mandating suddenly will i face legal trouble if i refuse 💬 18

nursing iron rice bowl' job 💬 17

new nursing grad getting a job in nyc advice 💬 17

how long did it take you to find your first nursing job 💬 17

what helped you find a job after you graduated with a bachelor's in nursing 💬 16

at what point did you realize it was time to leave your first nursing job 💬 16

what's your dream nursing job 💬 15

what nursing job makes you feel like your making an impact 💬 15

medical job prior to nursing importance 💬 14

nursing job that doesn't require lifting 💬 14

what was nursing job market like during 08' recession 💬 14

when to quit a nursing job when everyone else is quitting 💬 14

easiest method of getting a nursing job as a new grad 💬 14

how much did you learn in nursing school vs on the job 💬 14

how difficult is it to get a nursing job with a us degree in luxembourg 💬 14

how did leaving your last nursing job go 💬 13

how can i make my nursing job more tolerable 💬 13

how long should you actually work your first nursing job 💬 13

am i screwing myself by quitting my first nursing job 💬 13

what is a good job way to make money while in nursing school 💬 13

is there such a job that combines nursing social work and working with kids 💬 13

should i leave my job as a patient transporter to be a nursing assistant 💬 13

any career changers here who switched from a 9 5 office job to nursing 💬 13

what type of nursing job do you have 💬 12

new grad first job at a skilled nursing facility 💬 12

is it hard to find a nursing job in li 💬 12

how important is a healthcare related job in nursing school 💬 12

nursing job outside of the hospital setting with comparable pay 💬 12

what kind of office job can i aspire towards with nursing 💬 12

what is the best job to have while being in nursing school 💬 12

what is a ridiculously easy nursing job i can do part time 💬 12

newgrad nurse when did you start your first job after nursing school 💬 12

break new grad nursing contract for a job in a location i like 💬 12

is it realistic to have a full time job while in nursing school 💬 12

will i be unable to get a hospital job due only having nursing home experience 💬 12

what healthcare related job could i get during nursing school that doesn't require any experience 💬 12

including non nursing job experiences on resumes 💬 11

how did you get your first nursing job 💬 11

what s a high paying low stress nursing job 💬 11

is being an emt a good job for pre nursing student 💬 11

will working as a cna tech in between nursing school help me find a job 💬 11

is the nursing job as stressful as nursing school is 💬 10

a non bedside nursing job from home 💬 10

which job should i take while in nursing school 💬 10

how many of you have another job outside of nursing school 💬 10

what topics are easiest to forget between school and first nursing job 💬 10

when does nursing start to click after starting a new grad job 💬 10

nursing related job without any certifications 💬 9

transitioning from beside nursing what job did you go to 💬 9

anyone moving from canada to fw for a nursing job 💬 9

what was your first nursing job like 💬 8

any tips for interviewing for an or nursing job 💬 8

what are good summer job opportunities for a nursing student 💬 8

get a second job for experience or for money before nursing school 💬 8

did i mess up my chances to go to nursing school or get a job 💬 8

nursing school and a job 💬 7

should i get a part time job while i apply to nursing positions 💬 7

break between nursing school and first job any suggestions on how to prep 💬 7

how can one get a government job immediately after passing a in nursing 💬 7

does anyone here have a really sweet work from home or wherever nursing job 💬 7

what will give me the best job opportunities in the future nursing or marketing 💬 7

nursing home employees what is the most surprising ludicrous thing you've seen on the job 💬 7

pre nursing school job experience 💬 6

anyone here whose nursing was not their first job 💬 6

what is the best way to land a new grad nursing job 💬 6

have you ever quit a nursing job because it wasn t a good fit 💬 6

best beginning nursing job experience exposure wise 💬 5

how to prepare for first nursing job 💬 5

advice for a nursing student trying to get a better job 💬 5

taking a new grad nursing job for less than a year 💬 5

how do you find a nursing job without any experience after your rn license 💬 5

starting my first med surg nursing job any advice to make a good impression 💬 5

nursing graduates of trent job prospects 💬 4

from the stable nursing job to the unknown 💬 4

what's your opinion on becoming a certified nursing assistant as a steady job 💬 4

advice needed hospital pca interview do i mention my current nursing home job 💬 4

resources for nursing job interviews 💬 3

has your nursing degree actually helped you to get a nursing job 💬 3

should i quit my first nursing job 💬 3

what is the worst nursing job you ever had 💬 3

does new grad count toward nursing experience on job descriptions 💬 3

thinking about taking a nursing job in great falls suggestions 💬 3

i got fired from my nursing job. what should i do 💬 3

any else transition from a corporate desk job career to nursing 💬 3

questions for southern california rns and nursing students job outlook for adns 💬 3

can i apply for a nursing job in nevada before i move 💬 3

how to prepare for first nursing job after 9 months out of school 💬 3

when i apply to a job for nursing do they check my medical history 💬 3

is it true that nursing is a good career with a lot of job oppportunities 💬 3

nurses of reddit that quit nursing why did you do a job or career change 💬 3

nursing resume with only one job 💬 2

looking for a nursing home job 💬 2

studying for a job in prothetics or nursing 💬 2

nursing job for graduate nurse in santa cruz area 💬 2

how would i go about quitting my first nursing job 💬 2

how to prepare for first nursing job nine months after school 💬 2

starting a new job at a nursing home resources and advice 💬 2

is 6 months enough experience to transfer to another nursing job 💬 2

1 yr in nursing and i havent kept a job long enough 💬 2

nursing home employees of reddit which memory from your job is your favorite one 💬 2

how to successfully interview for a job with no direct patient care vs floor nursing 💬 2

which is the best country for a nursing job 💬 1

easy office job or following a passion for nursing 💬 1

i absolutely hate my nursing job starting to feel stupid 💬 1

what was the biggest challenge in starting your first nursing job 💬 1

what is the best job for a nursing graduate without a license 💬 1

how do you introduce yourself for a nursing job as a fresher 💬 1

can you get a nursing job in canada with an american degree 💬 1

looking for a nursing job in ontario 💬 0

anyone looking for a home care nursing job 💬 0

which health job to pick research medicine nursing or paramedic 💬 0

nurses was nursing school hard and do you like your job 💬 0

nursing staff what're some things that annoy you about your job in general 💬 0