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trump opposers what are some things you agree with trump on 💬 1874

is trump on to something 💬 1166

trump supporters why are you still supporting trump 💬 664

trump supporters realistically how do you see trump winning the election 💬 444

those who voted for trump and continue to support trump why 💬 425

is trump producing an actual shy tory trump voter effect in the us 💬 411

trump supporters of reddit why don't the crazy things trump says bother you 💬 325

if trump disputes mueller's report who will you believe trump or mueller 💬 285

trump supporters what would it take for you to stop supporting trump 💬 279

anti trump redditors what is one nice thing you can say about trump 💬 261

trump supporters from blue states what drives you to support trump 💬 257

two key answers trump gave mueller did trump commit perjury 💬 232

pro trump or anti trump what is something we can all agree on 💬 231

what do trump supporters like myself think of trump wanting more nukes 💬 220

trump supporters of reddit can you name one thing you dislike about trump 💬 220

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