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what android smartphone are you using πŸ’¬ 791

what's the prettiest smartphone you've ever owned πŸ’¬ 529

what was your first android smartphone πŸ’¬ 487

which smartphone was your first one πŸ’¬ 263

only uses reddit on a smartphone πŸ’¬ 247

best performing smartphone you've ever owned πŸ’¬ 189

tipps fΓΌr ein gutes und gΓΌnstiges smartphone πŸ’¬ 164

what's the smartphone you should've bought πŸ’¬ 141

what was everybody's first phone smartphone πŸ’¬ 129

smartphone screens are getting too big πŸ’¬ 100

work email on personal smartphone πŸ’¬ 86

what smartphone do you own πŸ’¬ 79

new linux smartphone librem 5 thoughts πŸ’¬ 79

what do you use your smartphone for πŸ’¬ 77

which smartphone do you use πŸ’¬ 74

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