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so what are your thoughts on the pubg ban in gujarat 💬 60

what does gujarat do better than other states 💬 58

what exactly happened during the 2002 gujarat riots 💬 53

anyone from surat gujarat let's have a meet 💬 28

will gujarat ever legalize alcohol in our lifetime 💬 25

recommendation book about gujarat riots 💬 24

wasn't modi gonna announce some big sops for gujarat polls 💬 24

2002 gujarat riots what triggered the godhra incident 💬 22

why is no one talking about rahul gandhi's farm loan waiver promise in gujarat 💬 22

who do you think will win gujarat elections 💬 21

anyone from gujarat or karnatka 💬 19

anyone have experience travelling in gujarat 💬 18

why did modi took admission in delhi university if he was selling tea in gujarat 💬 17

how are ahmedabad and generally gujarat compared to the rest of india 💬 16

what's the backpacker hostel dorm scene in ahmedabad gujarat 💬 15

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