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viabtc and bitcoin unlimited becoming a true threat to bitcoin 💬 362

why does bitcoin cash follow satoshi's vision more than bitcoin legacy 💬 224

testing the new bitcoin cash bot who wants free bitcoin cash 💬 216

cannot build bitcoin 💬 210

why is bitcoin cash considered the original bitcoin 💬 174

who invented bitcoin 💬 100

why is bitcoin cash not going up like bitcoin 💬 99

is bitcoin really better than bitcoin cash or vice versa 💬 98

does bitcoin cash really have lower fees than bitcoin 💬 96

never used bitcoin before thinking about parking 20k in bitcoin 💬 95

if counterparty runs on bitcoin chain why not buy bitcoin instead 💬 79

discussion rhetoric surrounding bitcoin and bitcoin cash in relevant subreddits 💬 73

999 percent of bitcoin cash was made by bitcoin core developers 💬 73

are you a long term bitcoin holder or a bitcoin trader 💬 69

is bitcoin cash the original bitcoin 💬 68

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